Elizabeth Cassanos, Ph.D. - Inner Wisdom

My purpose is to help you discover your inner wisdom and your greatest teacher — your Self. Knowing who you are and learning to live in alignment with your true self is one of life's greatest joys.

When you are suffering emotional pain it can be difficult to tap into your inner wisdom. Instead, the negative ‘voices’ that habitually demand your attention gain power. We all have a host of negative characters in our inner landscapes — these might be the voices of shame, fear, blame, judgment or despair. Whatever the source of your suffering, you don't have to face it alone. Together we can access your innate wisdom and let it guide you through life’s many passages.

My approach includes work on several levels: somatic, cognitive, behavioral, and at the levels of the imagination and soul. The first three can help reduce your pain and give you some control and relief. Working at the levels of imagination and soul empowers you in a different way. It helps you learn new ways to approach life's hardships, to make meaning of your suffering, and to follow your soul's path.

By learning to tap into your inner wisdom, you develop a connection to a wise, loving part of yourself that can help you step onto a path of greater self awareness and self love.

I invite you to make a leap of imagination and to get in touch with your wise self.

Listen to Liz discuss how you can access your inner wisdom.
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Elizabeth Cassanos, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist PSY26317