Elizabeth Cassanos, Ph.D. - Inner Wisdom
About Liz

For more than 25 years I worked in corporate and entrepreneurial environments as a marketing-communications professional. I was called to the vocation of psychology by two “Big Dreams” which pointed me to Meridian University for its graduate programs in Imaginal Psychology. There I earned my Masters and Ph.D. degrees.

Guiding my exploration of psychology is my deeply held belief that each of us has access to a wise loving Self; that by nurturing that connection in a caring, collaborative and safe environment we grow our capacity to live an authentic and meaningful life; and that even in our darkest moments exists the seeds for learning, healing and growth.

This approach evolved from my personal experience which included chronic illness, a health crisis and a spiritual awakening. Through these experiences I was guided to confront and integrate my experiences of childhood trauma and to make meaning from my life experiences.

What I learned, and hope to share with others, is that when engaged suffering holds the potential to open us to The Mystery -- to the existential questions of being. As we learn to sit with the mystery, the unknowable, we grow our capacities for courage, compassion and gratitude. As these capacities take root in our being we engage in life more deeply, with greater ease; we develop a relationship with Love and Joy that extends beyond the immediate moment, and exists as a greater reality that is always available to us.

In addition to working with clients I have taught in Meridian University's Graduate Psychology Program. There I served as a Core Faculty Member, Psychology Program Chair, a cohort advisor and as a dissertation advisor for doctoral students.

Elizabeth Cassanos, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist PSY26317