Elizabeth Cassanos, Ph.D. - Inner Wisdom

What’s the difference between healthy anxiety and hindering anxiety?

Healthy anxiety alerts us to danger and opportunity.
A little stage fright might help us prepare for our performance and shine.

Hindering anxiety sends messages out of proportion to the danger or opportunity present.
Too much stage fright and our heart pounds, our breath disappears, our words are lost.

Just like these examples, anxiety exists on a spectrum. Wherever you land on this spectrum, there is help for you. By learning to bring your awareness to your experience in the moment, you can learn to discern when you cross the line from healthy to hindering anxiety, and how to find your way back to the reality of the moment.

Treating Anxiety

First, it’s helpful to know that anxiety is treatable.

I combine somatic, cognitive, and behavioral techniques to treat anxiety. Teaching mindfulness and body-based strategies I can help you overcome panic attacks and learn to quiet an overly-active mind. Behavioral strategies help change the patterns that can give rise to anxiety.

When the outward symptoms are quieted, I work with anxiety, like all psychological suffering, as a symptom of the soul.

This is where we begin the deeper work of learning what messages are carried by your fears. Why do they wake you? Is the constriction of anxiety bringing your attention to a place where you long for grown and expression? Or perhaps to an old wound that is ready for healing? What do you need to learn or change to move past these outdated fears?

Elizabeth Cassanos, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist PSY26317