Elizabeth Cassanos, Ph.D. - Inner Wisdom
Therapy for the Soul

The soul yearns for expansive experience. Trauma and the wounds of socialization, however, stunt your experience of the world.

Then the soul screams to be heard. It reaches out to you in your dreams. It speaks through symptoms, like sadness, grief, despair, regret, restlessness, anxiety, panic, agitation, anger, envy, compulsions and obsessions.

By listening to the soul, paying attention to its images and passions, we begin to get a sense of the landscape of your inner world. Then, practicing together, we use imagination to bridge between this landscape and new, more expansive vistas, opening to fresh, authentic and meaningful experience.

These new vistas are both internal and external — getting to know and love yourself, improving your relationships, gaining greater certainty, self-worth and peace. These are just a few of the possibilities when you get in touch with your own best teacher — your Self.

Elizabeth Cassanos, Ph.D. 
Licensed Psychologist PSY26317